AKK History

Is one of the newest breeds to the World of dogs

The following information will guide you through the history of the breed's development.

THE ALASKAN KLEE KAI have that beautiful husky mask and eyes that are blue brown or part blue and part brown. There are a variety of coat colours with shades of grey and white as well as black and white colourings being the most common. Coats can be either long hair or shorter hair, with the long hair being extremely rare.

Most animals reflect the temperament of their owners, and the ALASKAN KLEE KAI is no exception. The way the puppy is handled as an infant and on through the rest of its life, definitely reflects on its personality just as is the case in all other breeds. ALASKAN KLEE KAI are cautious with strangers, and should be intensely socialised as puppies to keep them from developing their natural wary tendencies. They are territorial so they are generally good watchdogs, but they seldom make good guard dogs, as it is their nature to alert, but not to attack. They adapt well to most climates and those that are allowed to share your home usually pick your lap as their favourite spot.

THE ALASKAN KLEE KAI had its beginnings with the Alaskan Husky, which is a mixture of breeds, most of which are of the Husky type. Linda S. Spurlin, with the help of her family and a few special friends, carefully selected her foundation stock. She mentally developed some breed standards and did not allow dogs into her breeding program if they fell short of her standards. Her foundation stock was chosen for health, structural stability, composition, personality, size, and markings, and was Nordic Breeds, primarily the Alaskan Husky.
The Spurlin family did not share with many people their plans for this unique little dog, as they wanted to be certain of the dogs' physical and mental stability. For fifteen years, they carefully guarded their secret venture and reluctantly, in November of 1988 they opened their registry and their hearts to the public, and allowed others to become involved with the breed.
Linda talked to many Eskimo people trying to find suitable words that would mean "little" or "small dogs". Finding none that sounded like a dog breed, she and some friends took the Eskimo words apart and put them together in different ways, until suddenly the words "KLEE KAI" appeared and it sounded just right. Linda also determined the plural and the singular would be the same, just as the plural of Moose is Moose, and Deer is Deer.

In 1990 the group was incorporated under the name of Klee Kai of Alaska - Alaska Chapter. The initial organisation was to educate people and to set the breed standards and the procedures by which future groups interested in forming similar dog clubs of this breed would use as a set guide-line on which to base their club's activities.
Breed Standards and Rules for selecting breeding stock were in effect verbally, and were not be published until it was determined the breed would remain stable since others were now involved in the breeding program. The standards were tested prior to being put into print, and they were later re-written to clarify some points as well as to adjust the size qualifications.

The Bylaws allowed for a period of time to be known as the "Formative Years" during which time all registered owners of KLEE KAI would have a free membership in the parent club, and under the direction of Linda Spurlin the Board of Directors would make all final decisions pertaining to the KLEE KAI. Much progress was made during these years.

The breed went on to another test period, as due to personal circumstances, Linda Spurlin felt the need to retire in January 1995, and step down from her position as President of the Board of Directors. In an effort to carry on Linda's breeding principles and so as not to lose the bloodlines of her KLEE KAI she sold her stock to Eileen Gregory of Peyton, Colorado. Eileen had been on the Board of Directors since the beginning and it was determined that she should now become the Registrar as well as Secretary for the organisation. The office, the Registry, the base for the Parent Club and the Board of Directors were all transferred to Colorado. Club meetings were held, and new officers were elected. It was determined that the Breed had advanced and remained as stable as most long established breeds, so new membership categories were established with dues being charged so that paid members would have a vote in Breed affairs. There was a vote to change the Breed name from KLEE KAI OF ALASKA to THE ALASKAN KLEE KAI in keeping with other breeds whose country of origin is stated at the beginning of the breed name rather than the end of the name. The Club name was changed from KLEE KAI OF ALASKA - ALASKA CHAPTER, INC. To the current name of THE ALASKAN KLEE KAI ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC.
In August 1995, THE AMERICAN RARE BREED ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA gave full recognition to the ALASKAN KLEE KAI upon first application, and promptly several dogs attended shows and earned the right to be called a Champion. In 1996 THE FEDERATION OF INTERNATIONAL CANINES gave full recognition to THE ALASKAN KLEE KAI, again on first application. In mid 1996 application was made to THE UNITED KENNEL CLUB. It took a trip from Colorado to Michigan with many pictures and much documented data and five ALASKAN KLEE KAI to be examined and discussed fully with many Judges from UKC - this followed with many telephone calls, and much hard work on the part of the Board of Directors who had the obligation of making minor changes in the Breed Standards to meet with UKC format, and then there was a vote cast by voting members of the AKKAOA, followed by approval by UKC. On January 1, 1997 UNITED KENNEL CLUB granted full recognition to the ALASKAN KLEE KAI, and now is the owner of the Official Registry of THE ALASKAN KLEE KAI. AKKAOA continues to maintain a Book of Records on the breed so proper consideration can be made for the requests for Breeding Qualification certificates, as it is a requirement that prior to mating all AKK must submit to a Qualification Examination and deemed to be Breeding Quality by the AKKAOA Board of Directors or the offspring will not be allowed on the Book of Records nor on the UKC Alaskan Klee Kai Registry.

It is the intention of the Board of Directors to continue their work of advising breeders on possible matings, and of recording reported problems and successes of the individual AKK. It is only through this concentrated effort to follow Linda S. Spurlin's Rules and Regulations, and the dedication of the owners and breeders of THE ALASKAN KLEE KAI that the breed has come so far and so successfully in such a relatively short period of time, and it will be due to the continued dedication of owners and breeders and the close adherence to Linda Spurlin's wise lead that this breed will remain healthy, structurally sound and also will remain rare.

The goal of the Association remains as it always has been - that everything is done for the betterment of THE ALASKAN KLEE KAI breed, and not for the benefit of any one individual or group of individuals. The breed and the Association have come a long way since the beginning, and there is a long way to go. It is anticipated that some changes will be made as the need becomes apparent, but only after very careful consideration and a concentrated effort to see into the future to envision the results of any debated changes.

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